Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Jeffersonville Mayor

Four Moore Years?

I'll be the first to admit that I don't always agree with every single stance our Mayor makes or how he handles every situation. But I will say, in my opinion he's done a good job overall.

Thinking back on his latest fund raising golf outing, I have to wonder:

Could this be the last go?

Two terms has to take a toll on a person serving in this capacity let alone three. Let's be honest, there are not that many people who REALLY know what it's like to Mayor. If you love our city, like this Mayor appears too, it's probably a pretty good job to go to everyday. But with any job, I'm sure it has its major struggles as well. Struggles that challenge your core beliefs when you recognize how your decisions impact other people in a very real way. 

With Mayor Moore clearly primed to easily take a victory for his third term, I do not see a clear path for anyone to over take him, regardless of party. That speaks to the Mayor's strength.

Now, once that third term is up and assuming he doesn't run for a forth, who's in the pipeline? Only time will tell. I suspect when the time comes, it will be packed house to file for the paper work to be a candidate for the next Mayor of Jeffersonville.

What's your thoughts on Mayor Moore? Good, Bad, Neutral?


  1. Thanks for the kind words, it's been a fun first 6 years. I'm sure there are negative comments that could be made, I've got flaws like everyone else. I see so much excitement in our city. Walking through Kroger is fun, people are anxious to share their positive story's. I do love the job, and Puddin enjoys coming along for the ride. Now I just need to convince the kids Dad is kinda cool.

    Mike Moore

  2. With all the good things happening in Jeff Moore can be mayor for life. And he should be he represents us well. Speaks well, keeps himself in shape and has avoided scandal. Keep the city clean, the roads paved and stay out of the tabloids all of which Mike is doing. I like him and hope he keeps the fire in his belly for a few more terms.

  3. Yes, Mayor Moore is doing an excellent job. Lots going on in Jeffersonville! Very impressive!
    Puddin' does take an excellent photo as well!
    The one in the sunglasses is cool!

  4. 4Moore Years Mike doing a fantastic job