Friday, October 6, 2017

Republican Showdown for District 71?

Councilman Owen Vs. Councilman Hawkins?


Councilman Matt Owen MAY (and I emphasize MAY in this sentence) have a Republican primary challenger in fellow Councilman of the Jeffersonville's 6th District; Scott Hawkins. This race would decide who would be the Republican on the November ballot for Indiana District 71 formally held by Rep. Steve Stemler.

The Democrats have yet to have anyone announce to try and fill Representative Stemler's fiscally conservative well respected democrat shoes. *INSERT CRICKET NOISES HERE*

Apparently Councilman Hawkins is currently doing some diligence in weighing his options and him running is one the table. However with the Republican 9th District and County Chairman Jamey Noel endorsing Matt Owen for this seat, it's already clear that Scott would have an up-hill battle within the local and potentially the state party.

But I have to be honest,  I take Hawkins as a "I don't care what you think" and "I'll do this with or without you" kind of guy. I don't mean that in a negative way by any means, only that he is not afraid to use the head on top of his shoulders for original thoughts. That very well may be the case here. 

Should Councilman Hawkins announce, it would put the May primaries on the list of races to watch. Both are strong within their bases but with Owen being an At-Large Councilman, part of his base is also within Hawkins' base. Although, on the other hand, the rest of the City is Owen's base.

IF Hawkins announces, don't count either candidate out too early. They are both strong and my prediction is that it would come down to a hand full of votes. 

IF Owen remains the only Republican candidate I'd still like to see the Democrats at least put up a fight to retain the seat. 

BUT the only way they are going to be able to do that is with some new additions to the party.

UNLESS another At-Large Councilman takes his hat and wholeheartedly throws it in the ring. 

What are your thoughts? Do you have the scoop?
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  1. In my opinion neither are proven leaders and both are party puppets. So sad. We deserve better. I would rather see Zach Payne elected, or maybe a good democrat candidate.

  2. Zach Payne? The guy that never is actually in his office and is having the taxpayers fund his dream of playing drums in a band? Alright . . .

  3. Zach is a nice kid and he is exactly that, a kid.

    A kid with no real life experience out of other than ideals and what he's learned during his time in the recorder's office (when he's there) and one term on city council. As least Matt understands personal situations and life/death choices as an EMT.

    Again, Zach is nice and a great campaigner but is completely out of his league for a state run. I would vote for Matt for this seat before Zach everyday.

    I commend Zach for his service in elected office but think the best thing for him would be to go work somewhere in the private arena or sign up for the armed services. Then come back and run for something once there is a better understanding of how the world works outside the local republican bubble.

  4. Another candidate, one from Clarksville, is considering a run in the Republican primary. Brian Lenfert would be a formidable choice!

  5. Thanks for the consideration, but my family and I moved out of the district a few months ago. I'm very happy the Clark Co Republican party has such a deep bench from which to draw.


  6. I 100% AGREE Brian would make an AWESOME choice for state or even national office! Brian by far and hands down is one of, if not the BEST locally elected people in the area.

    His experiences in both the private and public sector are marked by fairness, success, vision, ethics, and common sense.

    While others worked to fix the issue with the tax levy in Clark County, Brian Lenfert's work alone, deserves a debt of gratitude from every single resident of the county.

    I for one hope Brian one day makes the leap to a leadership position within one of our local cities or county, or seeks a state office. We would all be well served to have him in any capacity he decides to serve his community in.

  7. Mom, is that you?