Wednesday, November 29, 2017

MobilePatrol: Showcasing the Underbelly of our Community

Has anyone ever heard of MobilePatrol?

It's eye opening. You should take a look but be prepared, you may not like what you see.

Consider this a spoiler warning.

It is an app that you can download onto your smart device that shows you who has been arrested and why.

I downloaded the app about a year ago and occasionally peruse Clark County Inmates. It is amazing the amount of meth, paraphernalia, and common nuisance arrests there are. So I dug in deeper.

I selected a few of the people on there as a test. Then I got onto the Indiana Court Records were you can look up current and past cases then read through them to see the outcome.  

**Insert very graphic language HERE describing feelings of anger and disgust**

Every single one of my sample group had either current pending cases and been released or had previous convictions and been released. RELEASED being the main word in that sentence.

REVOLVING DOOR of tweaking meth and heroine addicts! You know what else these people are? THIEVES! The two go hand in hand. These people will do ANYTHING to get the next fix. B & E, car theft, shoplifting, you name it.

So now I have to question the elected judges in our community. I have to question our laws. I have to question our ability to enforce them. It's time to be President Washington during the Whiskey Rebellion where, for the first time in our nations' history, the government showed it's people it had the resolve and ability to enforce its' laws. It's time to make an example out of some of these people. It's time to put the fear of God in them with punishments that truly give these people pause before going down the path. At some point these people were not addicts. At some point had a choice to make. Give them a harsh reason not to choose that path.

I agree there is an epidemic going on. I agree we must come up with ways to attack the addiction. But I also agree most of these people have no interest in getting or wanting help.

Most of these people have been before the same judges again and again. Again and again these people are released. WHY!?! All they are doing is going back out there then not coming back for their court hearing. Then you know what happens? They skip their court date and the judge has to issue a warrant. So these people continue on unless the police happen to run into them somewhere and the circle starts over. WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE BEING PUT BACK ON THE STREET?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Fool me more than that, I am a fool who has no business making any decisions that effect other people EVER.

Why are these people put back out there to steal change out of unlocked cars?
Why are these people put back on the street to drain our society?
Why are these people allowed to maintain a common nuisance that forces all of us to feel helpless?

In my opinion, we are all sitting ducks for one of these people to strike. Not if, but when they do, they take so much more than a few dollars out of your unlocked car.
They take more than what ever you accidently left outside.
They take more than what was in your jewelry box, or tool box, or trash can, or store shelf.

They steal from us something things that can not be replaced. They steal from us piece of mind. They steal from us security. They steal from us our sleep at night. They steal from us trust.


We are harder on drunk drivers then we are on meth users, heroine addicts, and thieves.
We are harder on habitual traffic offenders then we are on meth users, heroine addicts, and thieves.

It's time we as a community, neighbors, constituents, friends, residents come together. It's time we look at all options within the law to protect ourselves and each other. I would rather be physically injured than to have my piece of mind taken from me. They are stealing my personal Liberty. To me, that is the greatest harm one person can inflict on another.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Community Leadership Awards

Community Leaders: The ACE Awards

I always like to see the different awards that are handed out each year by different organizations locally. Rotary International has theirs as does Leadership Southern Indiana. I'm sure there are countless other groups that name leaders as well from their point of view.

I find it interesting to see who they are and how they are contributing to make our community a better place. I will say though, the ACE Awards from One Southern Indiana are always my favorite. This is because One Southern Indiana, being the chamber and economic development group, has the widest reach and broadest base of people within Southern Indiana of all the local organizations. 

As I understand it, there are open nominations that are then narrowed down to three in each award group. A small part of judging is then done based on an online voting system while most of the scores are based on the merit of the applicant's application. 

Here is an explanation of the Ace Awards from One Southern Indiana's Facebook page:

"The ACE Awards celebrates remarkable individuals who exemplify the character and acumen of exceptional leadership, making them outstanding citizens in the business and regional community. This signature event aims to celebrate the accomplishments of individual business leaders who are members of One Southern Indiana.

The categories for the awards are:

Axiom Financial Strategies Group of Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC James W. Robinson Young Professional of the Year ACE Award

Duke Energy Kevin Hammersmith Community Leader ACE Award

Kightlinger & Gray, LLP Sam Day Professional of the Year ACE Award."

So many times we hear about awards named after people. I thought it was important to give a snapshot of who these awards are named after and why they are named after them.

  • James W. Robinson: Jim was firm believer of the free enterprise system and a strong advocate for young people in the community, and his words of wisdom over the years will be remembered by many. A dedicated family man, Jim leaves a legacy of faith, integrity, hard work, generosity, and loyalty. He was co-founder of Robinson-Nugent, Inc., and past chairman of the board of Caldwell Tanks, Inc., Stemwood, Inc., and Niemco, Inc. Jim was inducted into the Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana Hall of Fame in 1998, earning the distinction of being the first father-son duo of inductees (his late father having been inducted in 1984). Jim was a S.C.O.R.E. Counselor, an investor in Rocket Man, Inc. and a past board member of Your Community Bank. He also served on the board of Kentuckiana Junior Achievement, Cedar Lake Foundation, and New Albany/Floyd County School Board. Jim was a Kentucky Colonel, an Indiana University Southeast Medallion recipient, a member of the Windsor Society, a Rotarian Paul Harris Fellow, and was toasted at the 15th annual benefit of the Rotary Club of New Albany.

  • Kevin Hammersmith: Killed by a drunk driver in 2011, Kevin was the director of government and community relations for Duke Energy in Southern Indiana. Kevin was instrumental in shaping the Southern Indiana community through his involvement and contributions to many local organizations. He was a member of the New Albany-Floyd County Parks Board, former president of Harvest Homecoming, a Past Chairman of One Southern Indiana, and a board member of the IUS Board of Advisors and the Carnegie Center for Art and History.

  • Samuel Day: Sam was treasurer and chairman-elect for the Southern Indiana Chamber of Commerce, on the advisory board of Indiana University Southeast, past president of the Floyd County Bar Association, a member of the Board of Governors and past secretary for the Indiana State Bar Association. He was a member of Leadership Southern Indiana, past president of the Kiwanis Club of Historic New Albany and he was the Southern Indiana Chamber of Commerce Professional of the Year in 2002. He devoted over 500 hours per year to volunteer work with many organizations, including the New Albany Floyd County School Corp., Project Peace, Highlander Youth Recreation and the Ogle Center.

For a list of this year's ACE Award Finalists, click the link below. There are videos for each person and you can vote for your favorite.

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