Thursday, January 11, 2018

What are you Thinging GCCS School Board?

An Open Letter to the GCCS Board:

Are you kidding us??

This has nothing to do with Ford Next Gen, Dr. Melin, enrollment, finance, or a downtown school.

This has everything to do with the woman you elected as your chairman. It was bad that NONE of you spoke out against her when she was arrested. If that wasn't bad enough,  NONE of you called for or DEMANDED her to resign when she was found guilty of theft. 

Now, you have not only remained silent about this woman's unethical behavior, you voluntarily ELECTED HER YOUR CHAIR?!?!

THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! Until this happened, I have been on your side with most things. I believed you were working towards the best solutions possible for the children in the district. But now, with the exception of Katie Hutchinson, you ALL need to be replaced if only for this single act of absurdity. 

And for those who abstained, you are just as guilty as those voting yes for taking the coward's way out. 

IF you had any respect left by people in the community, you just sealed your fate. Unbelievable you people could be this foolish. You just proved the point of everyone who has been opposing you for the last several years. The next election should be interesting.

(Usually I sign with "Respectfully" but there is none left),


  1. A thief is the lowest of lows in my opinion. No way should she have anything to do with our education system. In the old days it would be tar and feather time!

  2. Open Minded Writing Gig Update
    Teresa is a superb school board member with an excellent life-long working career in school administration and educational excellence.

    There are very few persons in education
    in Indiana with her knowledge and dedication.

    She was re-elected by the public with a huge majority
    in her last election.

    The shoplifting report by the probation officer making the evaluation clearly explained the minor difficulty and the court acted accordingly after evaluating the extenuating circumstances. The diversion program has been positive. Rather than hate, research her dedication and ability. Melin knows that SHE is his equal in school matters.

    Teresa Rocks!

  3. One word: Thief

    It pretty much overrides any and all arguments anyone puts forth.

    “Hey kids! Do your best. Get good grades! Be a thief! That’s how to be a leader!”

  4. Ms. Autonomous,
    there does appear
    to be some premeditation
    against the Bottorff-Perkins
    political involvement.........

    However, the lunch group
    did ask a pertinent question
    and I had never thought of this possibility:....
    Is Ann Autonomous secretly Lincoln Crum....?

    1. No premeditation. The Bottorff post was in response to the School Board election of officers. The Perkins post was in response to a phone call I received about him filing. Maybe the bigger question is this: Is there a Bottorff-Perkins rectification in process? Word is they are being seen together around town and they seem to be walking in full stride. Teresa didn’t become president by chance. There had to be some politicking going on behind the scenes before it happened.

      And to your lunch group, I’ll answer your question with a question: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a TootsiePop? (They both have the same answer.)

      But Goliath over at GAWNEWS had the scoop on Lincoln announcing really quickly and to the point of being suspicious. Something to think on.

  5. Follow the breadcrumbs....Rectification:
    "The action or process of rectifying."

    verb (used with object), rectified, rectifying.
    "to make, put, or set right; remedy; correct"

    This is fun!
    No premeditation, huh?

    Rectifying Analysis of the Detailed HIT pieces
    on BOTH John and Teresa
    on the same "Open Minded" "journalism" site
    by the same writer?
    Sounds similar to
    the Deep State Swamp Critters weak DENIALS
    from the DC/DNC-FusionGPS/DOJ/FBI Collusion scandal....

    Now, about
    that other conspiracy,
    Goliath and LC both have beards......

  6. The highly respected Swampers lunch group
    has an observation and asked new questions:

    "Since both John Perkins and Teresa Perkins
    are contributing to the political process,
    wouldn't it be COOL to see them both
    in elective office
    at the same

    AA's response
    was a 'deflection' and not really
    a denial about not being LC.
    The Mighty Goliath has
    also not responded.

  7. SI Open Minded is a blog. Not an unbiased journalism site. Think of it as more of an opinions page then front page news coverage. There have been multiple scoops over the last several months but they are also laced with opinion. If I wanted to report just news, I’d by at the CJ or N&T getting paid.

    With that being said, I also believe that anyone willing to put themselves out their to be considered for elected office should be thanked for their willingness to serve. Even if I don’t like or agree with the person or their platform it takes courage to do it. I enjoy speculating on the process but also enjoy calling things as I see them, from my point of view, good and bad.

    And finally, to the Swampers Lunch Group (whomever you might be): The earlier response to a suggestion that AA is LC was not meant to be a deflection. Instead, it was meant to keep you guessing in an entertaining way. There will never be a comment on who the author(s) of SIOM are, so assume away.

  8. Allegedly, there are Dueling Lunch Groups
    actively operating on the 'Clark County Political Wars' stage. Some of them have access to the DC Deep State Swamp intel and run black opps....
    An other is a group of Patriots
    that is trying to combat the secret
    disruptions of the Swampers.

    Go to and type in...Q Anon....
    With this intelligence update, Ann Autonomous
    is now waaay ahead or rivals Bat Blog and GAWnews.
    H-T will, however, look that up and be reporting soon,
    if history is a guide.
    ....ol GAW News seems still stuck
    out in the desert so far...
    but it is early in 2018.

  9. I went to typed in Q ANON....Wow, Several people have explanations. That is neat. Should we tell Goliath?

  10. A reply as a "comment" is one thing.
    A "primary lead story "that is a MAJOR HIT Piece
    is different entirely, especially when the entity controlling the site blasts TWO MAJOR HIT PIECES about
    two members of the same family.
    The controlling entity determines
    what separate stories or threads are published.

  11. You’re right that I do control it. That’s why I started a blog is so I could control it. I really liked what the HT had to say but sometimes I didn’t agree so thought I’d start my own. I talk about the issue of the day that gets me fired up. Usually something I read in the paper, a personal experience, or something I catch wind of.

    The stories you are referring to were published when they fired me up about who fired me up, in real time.

    Here’s how I see those stories:
    The the school board voting a thief as their chair sets a poor example and a has been filing for office after continuously losing. Pretty basic really.

    The fact those I wrote the stories about are from the same family is an unfortunate coincidence. The fact of the matter is they are not connected topics and were treated as such.

  12. Thank you, Teresa!

    from the