Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Career Politician Won't Take a Hint

Perkins Files for Senate District 45

Serious question: Is there nothing this man won't run for?

After the last shellacking he took, I think most of us thought he was done.

Boy, were we wrong!

He's decided to throw his hat in the ring for the soon to be vacant seat that Senator Jim Smith is leaving behind. 

My experiences with John go back quite a ways. As long as you are not talking politics, he's an alright guy. But dive into conversation about politics that he doesn't agree with and Katy Bar The Door!

As a politician, the best way I can describe him is power hungry bully who LOVES controversy. It's almost like he enjoys to play the part of being an old-fashioned d**k. It seems everything he has done in the political arena he's done to boost his own ego. In a previous comment on a previous post, someone stated how John loves conversation and debate. In reality, John loves telling you what's what. You'd better not don't disagree with him either because he gets loud and angry. An interesting tactic that he employs to intimidate.

In my opinion, he runs for office to only to satisfy himself by having that little bit of power. He's not doing it to be a public servant. In my opinion that is why he lost so many of the last seats he's run for. Not because he's not educated but because of a self serving ego. One would think that after losing to Mike Smith, to Tom Galligan, to Dave Abbott, to Dustin White, and anyone else I can't think of he'd take a hint.

Don't get me wrong, he needs thanked for 45 years of being involved with local government, but it's time to hang up cleats. If he needs money, there are plenty of jobs out there, including in River Ridge. The time for living off the teat of taxpayers has passed.  

     "Janky" John                 Vs.            "Gunny" Garten

Senate 45 in November will be fun to watch. My prediction is Perkins gets smashed and sent back to Bethlehem or 7th Street or where ever it is he lives now with his biggest black eye yet.

Monday, January 22, 2018

UPDATED: Owen Has Challenger

A day after this post was made, Dr. Rita Fleming filed as the democratic candidate for District 71 setting up an interesting race to watch for November. Of course that is assuming neither of them end up with primary challengers in May that knock one of them out. 

Jeffersonville City Councilman Matt Owen is
STILL Lone Candidate

The clock is ticking on the February deadline to file with the state to be a candidate for Rep. Stemler's seat of IN House District 71. At this point, Councilman Matt Owen is unchallenged in the May 2018 Primary and will likely remain so on the Republican side of the ticket. What is interesting about that is not one Democrat has come forward to file as that party's candidate in May.

With time winding down and not one real candidate from any party except for the Republicans, Councilman Owen will walk into the seat in the November 2018 General Election. Amazing.

I for one think Councilman Owen would do a good job representing us, so I'm not really that worried about it. It really does paint an interesting picture of the local democratic party though, that a viable candidate cannot be found to run for a seat they have held for so many years. 

Your Future State Representative for District 71
Councilman Matt Owen
Current odds of success: 100%

I've heard some names in passing but at the end of the day, none of them have raised any money or filed to be on the ballot. Rumors can swirl all day but when the sunsets they are still just rumors.

The reality is that Councilman Owen has been at this for several months already including hosting fund raisers. He has been very successful in citywide campaigns while also establishing a record within elected office. He has the local and state party support as well as the Governor. Once the numbers come out from the Secretary of State's Office, my bet is we will see that Matt has already raised at least half of what is needed to run a strong campaign. Based on the average amount raised per campaign for this district since 2000, the goal would be around $27,000.

What does all that mean? If a Democrat is going to jump on this and be successful in November, they needed to do it yesterday in my opinion. 

What's your thoughts?
Do you have the scoop?
Put your comments below.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

What are you Thinging GCCS School Board?

An Open Letter to the GCCS Board:

Are you kidding us??

This has nothing to do with Ford Next Gen, Dr. Melin, enrollment, finance, or a downtown school.

This has everything to do with the woman you elected as your chairman. It was bad that NONE of you spoke out against her when she was arrested. If that wasn't bad enough,  NONE of you called for or DEMANDED her to resign when she was found guilty of theft. 

Now, you have not only remained silent about this woman's unethical behavior, you voluntarily ELECTED HER YOUR CHAIR?!?!

THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! Until this happened, I have been on your side with most things. I believed you were working towards the best solutions possible for the children in the district. But now, with the exception of Katie Hutchinson, you ALL need to be replaced if only for this single act of absurdity. 

And for those who abstained, you are just as guilty as those voting yes for taking the coward's way out. 

IF you had any respect left by people in the community, you just sealed your fate. Unbelievable you people could be this foolish. You just proved the point of everyone who has been opposing you for the last several years. The next election should be interesting.

(Usually I sign with "Respectfully" but there is none left),