Friday, July 27, 2018

Who Voted How? Detailed Map of 2016 Election

Very Telling Map of 2016

Everyone knows the pundits of the 2016 Election were caught off guard by the victory of now President Trump. The New York Times has now published an interactive map to show each precinct across the county and how they voted in the Presidential Election. 

It's no secret that urban areas went for Hillary, we know that the night of the election. What does that mean? Well, it would take a lot of study to come to the true answer to that question. I'll let you come up with your own conclusions.
(Click the picture to view the map)

The real question is, will the R's be able to hold this footprint in November or will the D's find a way to spread their blue over the region? 

To answer that, we will have to wait until November! In the mean time, I will be putting the SIOM predictions out soon. Stay Tuned!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Let's Talk About GCCS

2018 GCCS Board

I'll start with this:  In previous posts, I have been especially critical of the current Board president. I stand by that. I have also been critical of the Facebook page called Stop GCCS Wasteful Spending. I stand by that as well. I think things could and should have been handled differently in a lot of ways in previous scenarios.

Fast forward to today:  There seems to be A LOT of turmoil within the GCCS district. Between the constant ask for tax money, decline in enrollment, community moral, Dr. Melin's new contract, bus routes, and social media in-fighting; I have to wonder what is the honest state of the school district?

From the outside looking in, it looks like it's Board Member Katie Hutchinson Vs. the Board or the Board Vs. Board Member Katie Hutchinson.  But who is the bad guy? It all depends on what side you are on I guess. What I would like to know is what is REALLY going on?  

How far do the Board and Admin go before it becomes something that should take place in the public eye. From Hutchinson's point of view, most of what is going on is behind closed doors and is not in the best interest of the district. Maybe how the latest contract for Dr. Melin was handled proves that's true.

In the video below, you will hear some public comments being made. Then around the 9:05 mark, you will hear someone on the board whisper "Yeah right...".  

It is this type of attitude that is making me believe that everything that is being said by those opposing the GCCS Board is true.  Remarks and attitudes like this from elected figures towards concerns coming from taxpayers is harsh and undermines the integrity the position. 

Maybe that is the problem with what is going on within GCCS. Maybe empowered attitudes like this start with the leadership and infect those around them. Honestly, this type of attitude and comment is something I would expect from Board President Perkins. But in this case, it does not appear to come from her. In watching, the only person not looking at the speaker is Mrs. Kraft but honestly I can't tell who said it, only that it was one of the female board members. It makes me sick to my stomach. I also agree with the speaker comments within 13:25-14:25 time frame. 

In my opinion, with everything that has gone on over the last couple of years (very public battles for tax money as an example) it would have gone a long way for internal and external moral for Dr. Melin to decline the raise. Instead, offer to extend the contract for a year and pass the additional funding to the employees within the system. Just a thought. Maybe the Board NOT offer the raise but instead do the above idea themselves. Just a thought. 

It is time the Board do something, ANYTHING, that is a show of good faith for the employees, community, and taxpayers at large. There has been too much negative for too long to continue to be productive. When I take a step back and look at the big picture, all I see coming out of GCCS is negativity. I would love to see some consistent positivity.

One thing is for sure, there are a lot of social media calls for a change during the next election coming out of the Stop Wasteful Spending camp. Those calls seem to be spreading. Only time will tell if that call is from a small few or the masses. 

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Papa Johns: Blown Up or Blown Out

The Papa John's Pizza Implosion

So Papa said a bad word. When describing the way things used to be. A no-no word. A bad one, no doubt. But is what is happening hyper-crucifixion? Is it being hyper-offensive? Is it being hyper-politically correct? Or is it unequal application of outrage?

Agreed, he could have been a little bit more sensitive in how he address the "word" when comparing situations and times in history. Are we as a society going to hold countless Hip-Hop artists to the same standard? Nope. What about in Movies? Nope.
My point is this------> Papa John seems to have been baited into a conversation that appears to be the "GOTCHA!" moment of the year. 

I 99% agree with WDRB GM Bill Lamb in his resent point of view segment. I do not excuse the use of the word by Papa John, but the reaction to the situation is completely out of context in my opinion only because the same reaction has yet to be applied across the board to everyone. 

The 1% I don't agree with in the Point of View segment is Mr. Lamb saying "No Caucasian male should ever say that word..."  In my opinion, if people are going to be outraged to this extend in this or any context, then people need to be equally as outraged regardless of who says it. 

Just remember, as you boycott the local Papa John's Pizza store, you are boycotting franchise owners and people who work very hard to make a living. People who have nothing to do with "Papa" John Schnatter. Be careful placing your blame on the company instead of the person who it's named after. By the way, that person is no longer allowed in the building.

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Monday, July 9, 2018

AG Hill: Is he owed Due Process?

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill Guilty 
(Or so says EVERYONE except the Law)

As you may have heard, Attorney General Curtis Hill stands accused of sexual assault. Accused... Which in today's language means guilty. Guilty to the point he has been called to resign from his elected position.

We are treading in a dangerous place my friends. Take a step back to think about this situation. Not it's content, but how it's being handled at its' most basic level.

A person(s) accuses another person(s) of a crime. 
A mob forms.
The person(s) accused are found guilty by the public, the lawmakers of the state, and the governor. 
The accuser(s) is celebrated forever as a hero. The accused are forever condemned. 
No charges were filed. 
No trial was had. 
No proof provided. 
Only words.
Think of the precedent being set here. Scary and dangerous at the same time. 

Maybe he did do it. 
Maybe he had too much to drink and said or did somethings that are not OK. 
Maybe he was instigated by the woman. 
Maybe not. 
Maybe he is a complete slime ball. 
Maybe he didn't do any of it. 
Maybe it was a situation where he was in a crowded place and in today's overly sensitive atmosphere where everyone is ready at a moments notice to point fingers and be judge-jury-executioner, turned around and bumped into a someone who took it the wrong way. 
Maybe this story is being exaggerated by the accusers.
Maybe the story isn't being accurate enough.   
Maybe there are two sides of the story from different points of view. 
Maybe there is more to the story we know nothing about. 
Maybe all of it is true. 
Maybe some of it is true. 
Maybe none of it is true.
Maybe some of those statements offend you.
Maybe none of them do. 
Maybe you think I'm a sexist for thinking there is a possibility the woman is not telling the truth.
Maybe you think I'm racist for not believing the AG.
Maybe you are wrong. 
Maybe I'm neither sexist nor racist but instead a decent human being who believes in our due process.
Maybe I look at things as they are, not as you or I want them to be.
Maybe you agree with me. 
Maybe you don't.
Maybe I don't care what you think. 
Maybe I do.

In this country, you are innocent until proven guilty. There is a woman who stands blindfolded holding scales. The evidence on both sides are weighed and proves your guilt or innocence. But... Until that scale settles on one side or the other, you are SUPPOSED to be presumed innocent. 

However, when we as Americans get away from our rule of law, nothing is off limits. When a person can take to Facebook, twitter, or any other instantaneous media platform pointing a finger at someone and in turn, that becomes the gospel truth, we have a problem. A big one. 

Frankly, I'm appalled at those who would be quick to jump on this call to resign bandwagon without due process. I was under the impression lawmakers take an oath to protect it the law and constitution. By circumventing the due process owed to EVERYONE, it is my opinion there is a violation of their oath. Elected official or not, Curtis Hill is a citizen of this state and country. He is owed no special treatment. That includes special treatment in his favor of the law and special treatment in being condemned to resign. All I can do is sit here and shake my head and wonder, what is our State, our Nation, coming too?

Here are my closing thoughts: 

I agree the AG should NOT step down, if nothing else to preserve the integrity of our legal system and due processes.

If he is found guilty, throw the book at him!!! 

If he is found innocent, there is an election around the corner. The people can use that voting privilege to speak volumes. If he found innocent and even after that, he is unable to do his job because of the outside distractions, then maybe stepping down to preserve the integrity of the office would be the right thing to do. 

Here is a link to editor of Indy Politics where you will find a video of the AG's press conference from this morning. I have to say, I agree with his statements on due process of the law 100%. 

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Primary Election Forecast 2018

2018 Primary Forecast and Predictions

I've been sitting back watching the Primary unfold and I think I have seen enough to make a forecast. These are based on my opinions and just trying to read the tea leaves.

State House 66:
Republicans: Bowling Vs. Van Wye
Joe Van Wye is basically unknown outside his home town of Madison while Mike Bowling is close within the Jamey Noel camp. District 66 is a lot different than 71 because of the large geographic area it covers. Even though this is at least the second try for the office for Joe, Mike has a lot more support in the populous areas thanks to his Clark County roots, wide community involvement, and support from Sherriff Noel. I see an easy victory for the Mike Bowling Camp. 

State House 71:
Republicans: Owen Vs. Burke
Matt Owen and Dr. Kevin Burke makes for one of the most interesting races. On one side, young Matt who is somewhat limited in general life experience but has proven himself on the city council and also the highest vote getter in the At-Large Council races. On the other side, elderly Dr. Burke who was thought to be a democrat for years. I see this being a tight race but I give the edge to Matt Owen.

Democrats: Fleming Vs. Schlatter
Dr. Rita Fleming and Jason Schlatter is also a very interesting race to see unfold. Dr, Fleming has her followers for sure but no one in any Clark County Race can match the work put in by Jason Schlatter. While Jason hits this ballot completely unknown prior to this race, I see his hard work paying off in a victory over Dr. Fleming.

State House 72:
Democrats: Charbonneau Vs. FitzGerald
Both of these candidates have the same basic platform: school funding and fighting substance abuse. However, if you want guns to be taken away then FitzGerald is probably your guy. While both of them are gun control advocates, FitzGerald appears to be the "Take Them All Away" candidate. Beyond that, the overall tone of Fitz' campaign is similar to Dan Canon's and the district is within Canon's strong hold of New Albany, I'm going to give this race to FitzGerald.    

Floyd County Sherriff:
Republicans: Loop Vs. Lehman
Incumbent Sherriff Loop has done a great job in office. I'm going to have to go with the incumbent for this race and give Loop the dubya. 

Floyd County Commissioner District 1:
Democrats: Applegate Vs. Martin
This race has really heated up over the last week thanks to a WLKY news story. It wasn't so much the WLKY story that fired this up but the response on social media over the weekend by supporters on both sides. Personally, I side with the Applegate camp in that Martin has hit on EVERYTHING except Smart Growth which is the centerpiece of Applegate's campaign. Martin seemed to notice that she is outmatched by Applegate so figured it works for him, must work for her too so why not use the TV interview to the fullest. How will this work out? Who knows. What I do know is that Applegate is all over the place and has lots of support compared to Martin. Because of that, this races goes to Applegate. 

Clark County Council District 1:
Democrats: Jordan Vs. Hollis
Larry Jordan Jr. seems like a nice man but Barb Hollis has always been well liked and done a good job over the years. Just on the sure fact that she is a strong incumbent, I have to give her the victory.

Floyd County Council District 2:
Republicans: Roberts Vs. Wright
So Cam Wright is the incumbent but he is one of the most quite elected officials I've ever seen. I've found myself often wondering how this guy got elected. Adam Roberts on the other hand really wants to be elected to something. I've seen him in different places running for different things. Never really heard anything bad about him but nothing that sets the world on fire either. I'm going to make this call based on how hard Roberts is working this election and I'll give him the win.

Clark County Recorder:
The seat being vacated by Zach Payne seems to be the most sought after seat within local government this time around. I say for the democrats, it is a toss up between Lincoln Crum and Jeff Frey. For the republicans, I think Terry Conway pulls out the win. When the votes are counted on election day, your guess is as good as mine to who ends up on the November ballot. There are too many people in the field on either side of the ticket to assume a winner.

US Representative for IN 9th District:
Republicans: Hollingsworth Vs. Alspach
Representative Hollingsworth is strong. In my opinion he's actually done a very good job as our congressman. He's very intelligent, pragmatic, and proactive. In my experiences, if I have called him he has always called back. If we didn't agree, we were able to have a very in-depth conversation to where we could both explain our points of view and why. As for James Alspach, I have one question. Who is James Alspatch? Other than a businessman from Morgantown, I have no idea and have not heard his name one time. The victory in this primary goes to Hollingsworth by a landslide.

Democrats: Canon Vs. Watson Vs. Chatlos
This race is really only between 2 of these candidates: Dan Canon or Liz Watson. Between the two you have "Bernie Sanders Liberal" Dan Canon or "Bernie Sanders Liberal" Liz Watson. No doubt that Canon has wide support from the hipster generation. However, they both support policies that would turn Indiana into a combination of (insert socialist country here) and California. Liz is a lot more polished than Dan and I believe her previous efforts within Washington helps her carry wider support from Democrats. While Dan will probably bring in a majority of the LGTB vote because of his Supreme Court Case, I believe Liz comes out on top of this one by a narrow margin because of her support from labor-unions.

US Senate:
Braun Vs. Messer Vs. Rokita
This race is a mess because of all the mud being thrown around. Let's be honest, Messer and Rokita are basically the same person from the stand point of experience and voting record to where I have a hard time separating the two of them. I really liked Braun until he jumped into the mud throwing game with the others. As for who the winner will be, it's looking more and more like Messer is working it a little better and probably has the edge. 

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Democrats for Floyd Co Commissioner 1st District

Let's Jump into the Floyd County Commissioner's Race for 1st District 

                       Jason Applegate with wife Angie Fenton                        LaMicra Martin(L) with Senate 46 Candidate Anna Murray(R)

Floyd County politics have always been interesting. Neither party is particularly strong and at the local level, it's hard to separate where the party lines within those we are currently holding office. That is not a bad thing. Of all of the races coming up, I find the primary race for the 1st District County Commissioner to be the one to watch. While both Democrat Primary opponents have (D) behind their name, based on my research they could not be further apart.

LaMicra Martin
Filing first was LaMicra (AKA Young, AKA Pruitt) Martin. While she has earned the endorsments of the Stonewall Democrats and others, I have to wonder if they know her whole story. LaMicra is often seen tied to hip of Anna Murray and Dan Canon at local Democrat functions. However, what I found was that she was often seen in the local courts as well. The expungement and sealing of file motion filed on March 6th of this year was an interesting find, so I dug a little deeper.

What was found is a track record of her as a defendant in small claims court. I found 6 separate cases with plaintiffs as large as Capitol One to as small as a local dentist, all for what appears to be non-payment issues. At least one of these resulted in wage garnishment. In addition, she was charged with four counts Class D Felony Theft in Clark County to which, as I understand and part of a plea agreement, she pled guilty to one count that resulted in 1year suspension of jail time for each count. She was then put on 1 year probation.

On the surface, LaMicra appears to be a nice woman. I respect the fact she tries to give back to the community through a few groups including the local Habitat for Humanity. But again, I can't help but wonder if they are aware one of their board members has had these issues. Considering her legal track record, is she REALLY someone who should be leading Floyd County? 

Jason Applegate
The surprise candidate to the race was Jason Applegate. Jason has deep ties within New Albany and Floyd County who has experienced personal tragedy when losing his wife to cancer only to persevere to start a local paint store. While the paint store never fully took off and ultimately closed, he continued to persevere. It was about the time he met his soon to be wife Angie Fenton. This is where together, they become owners of the far reaching and well known magazine, EXTOL. For a short time they were partners with Neace Ventures. That is no longer the case and they are growing their local startup one day at a time with great success. Jason and Angie seem to be salt of the Earth people who legitimately love southern Indiana and celebrate it with every issue of EXTOL.

In researching Jason, there is nothing I could find that should make anyone doubt his intentions and leadership. In asking around, all the feedback points to him being a left of center politically pragmatic individual. Everyone I spoke with agreed that he is a good fit and a middle of the road candidate who could find common ground across the spectrum. What everyone agrees to is that he doesn't drink the Kool-Aid too much from either side. This is the type of person whom I could support all the way through the General Election. I have to be honest: To me, a guy like Jason Applegate could be the Hope of the Local Democrats this political season. Guess we'll have to wait and see.  

Jason Applegate            Vs.           LaMicra Martin

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Clark County Candidate List for 2018

The Complete List of Candidates
for Clark County

There are some familiar names as well as some new ones. I commend all of you for throwing your hats into the ring even if we won't always agree. I'm looking forward to an exciting election season that I'm sure will be full of surprises. May the best candidate win! 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

UPDATED:::BREAKING: Indiana House Race Updates

Dr. Kevin Burke of Clark County Health Department fame has filed as a Republican to run against Jeffersonville City Councilman Matt Owen in the Republican primary in May.
It also appears the Dr. Rita Fleming will have a primary opponent in unknown newcomer Jason Schlatter. 

Rep. Karen Engleman (R) now has an opponent for the November General Election with performer and production company owner Sarah Stivers (D) officially filing to run. 

Received word this afternoon that Clark County Jail head of Maintenance Mike Bowling (R) has filed to run against longtime incumbent and House Minority Leader Terry Goodin (D). 
Rumor had it that Clark County Recorder Zach Payne is (was) going to file to run for this seat but as of today has not. Not sure if something has changed or if it has proven to just be rumor.
Assuming neither Bowling nor Goodin have Primary opponents, they will faceoff in the November General Election.

Primary season is heating up and with one more day until the filing deadline, who knows what other surprises await us!  

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Career Politician Won't Take a Hint

Perkins Files for Senate District 45

Serious question: Is there nothing this man won't run for?

After the last shellacking he took, I think most of us thought he was done.

Boy, were we wrong!

He's decided to throw his hat in the ring for the soon to be vacant seat that Senator Jim Smith is leaving behind. 

My experiences with John go back quite a ways. As long as you are not talking politics, he's an alright guy. But dive into conversation about politics that he doesn't agree with and Katy Bar The Door!

As a politician, the best way I can describe him is power hungry bully who LOVES controversy. It's almost like he enjoys to play the part of being an old-fashioned d**k. It seems everything he has done in the political arena he's done to boost his own ego. In a previous comment on a previous post, someone stated how John loves conversation and debate. In reality, John loves telling you what's what. You'd better not don't disagree with him either because he gets loud and angry. An interesting tactic that he employs to intimidate.

In my opinion, he runs for office to only to satisfy himself by having that little bit of power. He's not doing it to be a public servant. In my opinion that is why he lost so many of the last seats he's run for. Not because he's not educated but because of a self serving ego. One would think that after losing to Mike Smith, to Tom Galligan, to Dave Abbott, to Dustin White, and anyone else I can't think of he'd take a hint.

Don't get me wrong, he needs thanked for 45 years of being involved with local government, but it's time to hang up cleats. If he needs money, there are plenty of jobs out there, including in River Ridge. The time for living off the teat of taxpayers has passed.  

     "Janky" John                 Vs.            "Gunny" Garten

Senate 45 in November will be fun to watch. My prediction is Perkins gets smashed and sent back to Bethlehem or 7th Street or where ever it is he lives now with his biggest black eye yet.

Monday, January 22, 2018

UPDATED: Owen Has Challenger

A day after this post was made, Dr. Rita Fleming filed as the democratic candidate for District 71 setting up an interesting race to watch for November. Of course that is assuming neither of them end up with primary challengers in May that knock one of them out. 

Jeffersonville City Councilman Matt Owen is
STILL Lone Candidate

The clock is ticking on the February deadline to file with the state to be a candidate for Rep. Stemler's seat of IN House District 71. At this point, Councilman Matt Owen is unchallenged in the May 2018 Primary and will likely remain so on the Republican side of the ticket. What is interesting about that is not one Democrat has come forward to file as that party's candidate in May.

With time winding down and not one real candidate from any party except for the Republicans, Councilman Owen will walk into the seat in the November 2018 General Election. Amazing.

I for one think Councilman Owen would do a good job representing us, so I'm not really that worried about it. It really does paint an interesting picture of the local democratic party though, that a viable candidate cannot be found to run for a seat they have held for so many years. 

Your Future State Representative for District 71
Councilman Matt Owen
Current odds of success: 100%

I've heard some names in passing but at the end of the day, none of them have raised any money or filed to be on the ballot. Rumors can swirl all day but when the sunsets they are still just rumors.

The reality is that Councilman Owen has been at this for several months already including hosting fund raisers. He has been very successful in citywide campaigns while also establishing a record within elected office. He has the local and state party support as well as the Governor. Once the numbers come out from the Secretary of State's Office, my bet is we will see that Matt has already raised at least half of what is needed to run a strong campaign. Based on the average amount raised per campaign for this district since 2000, the goal would be around $27,000.

What does all that mean? If a Democrat is going to jump on this and be successful in November, they needed to do it yesterday in my opinion. 

What's your thoughts?
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Thursday, January 11, 2018

What are you Thinging GCCS School Board?

An Open Letter to the GCCS Board:

Are you kidding us??

This has nothing to do with Ford Next Gen, Dr. Melin, enrollment, finance, or a downtown school.

This has everything to do with the woman you elected as your chairman. It was bad that NONE of you spoke out against her when she was arrested. If that wasn't bad enough,  NONE of you called for or DEMANDED her to resign when she was found guilty of theft. 

Now, you have not only remained silent about this woman's unethical behavior, you voluntarily ELECTED HER YOUR CHAIR?!?!

THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! Until this happened, I have been on your side with most things. I believed you were working towards the best solutions possible for the children in the district. But now, with the exception of Katie Hutchinson, you ALL need to be replaced if only for this single act of absurdity. 

And for those who abstained, you are just as guilty as those voting yes for taking the coward's way out. 

IF you had any respect left by people in the community, you just sealed your fate. Unbelievable you people could be this foolish. You just proved the point of everyone who has been opposing you for the last several years. The next election should be interesting.

(Usually I sign with "Respectfully" but there is none left),