Thursday, October 26, 2017

Matt Owen is the Lone Candidate

Jeffersonville City Councilman Scott Hawkins
not Seeking District 71 Seat 

Councilman Hawkins

The SI Open Minded has confirmed that Councilman Hawkins will not be seeking House Seat 71 formally held by Democrat Steve Stemler. This leaves Councilman Matt Owen unchallenged in the May 2018 Primary and poised to win the seat in the November 2018 General Election.

This news has to be a relief to the local party leaders as Hawkins is well liked. With Hawkins being a long time teacher at Jeffersonville High School, he would surely have had lots of support from former students and parents setting up a potentially contentious primary. Not only that, should a strong democrat materialize out of nowhere, an internal and potentially negative primary would do nothing but give democrats ammo to against the winner of that contest for a November showdown.

...But I digress... 
None of what I said in the previous paragraph matters now! My bet is there is no one else from the Republicans to announce with the support that has been put behind Owen. 

Now we wait:
WHO is the Democrat Hero to resurrect the failing local Democratic party that will come forward? 

Your Future State Representative for District 71?
Councilman Matt Owen
Current odds of success: 100%

Here's my Top 10 List in order of strength titled:
"Who can win the seat based on the strength of the local Democrat Party today"
1. No one
2. No one
3. No one
4. No one
5. No one
6. No one
7. Someone
8. Maybe
9. Never mind, no one
10. But I've been wrong 1 time before

What's your thoughts?
Do you have the scoop?
Put your comments below.


  1. King Jamey would frown upon any other Republican contesting "Lapdog." Long live the Kink !!!

  2. King Jamey. hmmmm.

    I find it interesting that you are always so negative for someone whose leadership and strategy has led to such a strong local party. Your constant badgering almost appears to be jealousy and I'm not sure why.
    What's the story there?
    Is there anyone that you do have a positive view about in local political circles?

  3. LOL Jealous?? Not hardly...

    The BatBlog has had many posts positively reflecting on local politicians...on the same behalf we also call out negative behavior and actions as we see it.

    As for King Jamey I...there as been no denying his success as party chair. On the other hand several prominent GOP members, former candidates and 1 current office holder has related to the BatBlog how King Jamey's and GOP "full" support is sometimes restricted to his favorite candidates.

    Out of fear of repercussions they prefer to remain anonymous and prefer not to rock the boat because of possible future endeavors on the political scene.

    It is pretty common knowledge that the local GOP caucus is packed with friends , family, and co -workers of The King which allows him to pretty much rule as he pleases over local Republicans.

    Actually I find it curious that you consider calling Mr. Noel a king in a negative light. It is meant with no disrespect, just pretty much telling it like it is...

    Local GOP success lately is unprecedented... and look for it to continue under his rule. Only political defeats will expose any weakness and until then those party members that question his iron rule will remain silent and not question his tactics...

  4. I find the "king" statement to be humorous personally but it seems that you use it in negative context, not as a compliment, is all.

    And I know better that to think you are REALLY jealous, I just like trying to ruffle you big beautiful feathers is all.