Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Career Politician Won't Take a Hint

Perkins Files for Senate District 45

Serious question: Is there nothing this man won't run for?

After the last shellacking he took, I think most of us thought he was done.

Boy, were we wrong!

He's decided to throw his hat in the ring for the soon to be vacant seat that Senator Jim Smith is leaving behind. 

My experiences with John go back quite a ways. As long as you are not talking politics, he's an alright guy. But dive into conversation about politics that he doesn't agree with and Katy Bar The Door!

As a politician, the best way I can describe him is power hungry bully who LOVES controversy. It's almost like he enjoys to play the part of being an old-fashioned d**k. It seems everything he has done in the political arena he's done to boost his own ego. In a previous comment on a previous post, someone stated how John loves conversation and debate. In reality, John loves telling you what's what. You'd better not don't disagree with him either because he gets loud and angry. An interesting tactic that he employs to intimidate.

In my opinion, he runs for office to only to satisfy himself by having that little bit of power. He's not doing it to be a public servant. In my opinion that is why he lost so many of the last seats he's run for. Not because he's not educated but because of a self serving ego. One would think that after losing to Mike Smith, to Tom Galligan, to Dave Abbott, to Dustin White, and anyone else I can't think of he'd take a hint.

Don't get me wrong, he needs thanked for 45 years of being involved with local government, but it's time to hang up cleats. If he needs money, there are plenty of jobs out there, including in River Ridge. The time for living off the teat of taxpayers has passed.  

     "Janky" John                 Vs.            "Gunny" Garten

Senate 45 in November will be fun to watch. My prediction is Perkins gets smashed and sent back to Bethlehem or 7th Street or where ever it is he lives now with his biggest black eye yet.


  1. Well ok. Now tell us what you really think. Agree 100%

  2. Wow! Some people never learn. How many times do the voters have to tell him he is unwanted before he understands? We don't want self serving office holders any more. There is no way, NO WAY, I could ever vote for John Perkins, unless he was running against Matt Owens.

  3. Perkins vs. Owen ??? I wouldn't vote...

  4. What about Owen Vs. Dr. Rita Fleming? A day after my post how Owen was the only candidate, she filed as the Democratic Candidate for District 71.

  5. Hope she wins. Better credentials than donut icer/busboy.

  6. This is a prime example of what’s wrong with our local Dem party. Put him out to pasture already. The party is in DIRE need of new leadership and mindset if they are ever going to win a seat again. The only Dems that do well tend to me doing so in SPITE of their party. Dustin White for ex.

  7. Having John Perkins run is fun!
    The "Snowflakes" that can't discuss issues with Mr. Perkins are funny. They don't want him to run, belittle him, and shy away from energized discussions with him.

    John Perkins has very strong opinions and is very knowledgeable. He loves to campaign and is
    motivated by debate.

    He makes the process WORK BETTER by his relentless involvement and dogged political activity. If someone has a varying view, then run and express it! Full participation is the American Way!

    Personal derogatory sniping at Mr. Perkins accomplishes NADA. However, engagement with the issues and various
    candidates is very healthy. If a person
    is sooooo afraid of John Perkins,
    go ahead and RUN against him
    in the Spring. Do it!
    He already has
    a very formidable
    General Election opponent.

    By the way, BOTH Perkins and Garten will have an A+ rating from the WAY COOL National Rifle Association!
    USA! USA! USA!
    Enjoy! :)
    ;) :)...

  8. Dr. Rita Fleeming (D)
    running against Matt Owen (R)
    in a state rep race certainly also
    ENERGIZES the General Election.......
    With those debating and the Perkins-Garten race
    fireworks, the system is functioning as it should!
    Will the REST of the ticket be filled out by the "CURRENT" D leadership....?

  9. You do have a choice - Dr. Kevin Burke (formerly the Clark County Health officer) is running against Matt Owen in the Republican primary in 71.

    1. Correct. When these comments were made, Matt was the only candidate for republicans.

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