Thursday, December 6, 2018

Take Your Ball and Stay Home

"Honestly, it's a bit of a relief that I didn't win because going up to Indianapolis all the time was going to be a huge hassle and take a lot more time away from my family. Now I will have many fewer worries and obligations than I would have if I won. On top of all that, I knew that I wouldn't realistically be able to accomplish much in Indianapolis, especially since we only won one other seat in the Senate. I may have had a slight impact, but there is still an overwhelming Republican super majority, so all of the additional effort for me to be in Indianapolis would ultimately not create much real change. So there is definitely a silver lining to losing. Freedom."
-Anna Murray

So here we are, post election. I've been sitting back watching all the former candidates. Some of them are now "office-elect" and others are just former candidates. So far most have been gracious with the exception of two. Anna by far is the biggest disappointment in how she's handled herself. 

Above is from a public Facebook post she made on November 8th. Such a let down. What a slap in the face to all that supported her. 

"...relief I didn't win..."??? 

For a person to come off after an election where she so humbly asked for people to support her only to find out she didn't want to be there in the first place is truly a let down. I respect anyone who puts themselves in a position to hold office but complaining about what it would've been like to have won is not the kind of people we need to have in office. 

I compare it to the person who shows up to work everyday pissed off they are there. They are always negative, disconnected, and always place blame on others. Not to mention they have no allies to work with and are generally ineffective. 

I think Southern Indiana as well as our state dodged a bullet by not electing Anna to the Senate. Let's hope she stays away although rumor has it she is looking at running for a local office. Mark my words, if she does and manages to get elected, her mark on our community will not be a positive one.

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Friday, November 2, 2018

Anna Murray Violates IN Law

UPDATE on Indiana Senate 46 Race
Anna Murray (D) Knowingly Violates Indiana Campaign Finance Laws

A development in the IN Senate District 46 race everyone needs to be aware of. Attorney Anna Murray didn’t follow Indiana campaign laws. She violated the law 4 separate times for not reporting a total $15,000 in contributions in accordance with the state statute. 

Ron Grooms’ quote says it all. As an attorney, she knows better but violated the law anyway. It’s just another example as to why Senator Grooms is the best person for the job. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

RACE WATCH: Watson V. Hollingsworth

RACE WATCH: Liz Watson V. Trey Hollingsworth

Democrat Candidate Liz Watson is by far a superior candidate to challenge Republican Trey Hollingsworth than his previous opponent. Liz has been able to capture the "new" democratic party voters who believe a socialist government is the way to go. 

Here's the other side of the story. Regardless of how vocal her supporters are, there are far too few of them outside of Bloomington to make an impact. The Bernie Sanders Democrats are funny to me. They are listening to a Senator who has spent more time in congress than they've been alive while believing in "change". 

While they attack Trey about being a Washington insider, they conveniently forget the fact that Liz IS a Washington insider. She spent all of her professional career in Washington as a lobbyist. This is something that has not been brought to the front of the conversation by the Hollingsworth campaign yet, but I believe it is probably one of the most important items that voters are not aware of. 

When it comes down to it, the 9th District used to be a coin toss. In more recent history, it leans heavily to the right. I believe it is because of this "new" socialist-democrat platform. I think that if the democrats fielded a moderate Bill Clinton type of candidate, for any race, they would have a really strong chance of taking hold of congress. 

In this time of divisiveness, I think both parties and the county as whole would be in a better place if everyone took two steps to the center of the political spectrum. The extreme right and extreme left are pulling this country apart. I long for the time of non-partisan common ground that we saw in the late 1990's. It wasn't about who controlled congress or the presidency, but about doing what was right for the country.  

...I digress...

While Trey is more "right" than some would like and Liz is more "left" then others would like, I think Trey wins this race easily. While not everyone agrees with his stances, there is no doubt he is engaged in the process, extremely knowledgeable about the topics, and in my experience very easily accessible. This is especially true if you are willing to have a productive conversation. Now, if you are one of those who only wants to make a scene and yell, that's a different conversation totally. 

I know he has taken some heat for not having townhall meetings. I honestly don't blame him. When the far left take advantage of those situations by making a scene so their group can record and edit it to make attack ads, nothing productive comes from those meetings. We have seen over and over again where those people crash the event and make a circus out of it. Some people do not conduct themselves with dignity, class, and patience. If "those" people would take a chill pill to have a REAL conversation, be open minded about what the responses might be, then maybe some elected officials would be more open to "townhall". A large dose of understanding is needed to comprehend that you are not going to agree with every thing someone else does. But be an adult and don't be turned off because of one or two issues. 

Liz Watson and her core followers have perpetuated the cycle of this type of behavior. Most recently this was showcased at the local Farm Bureau Meet the Candidates event. Liz and her group highjacked the event by preventing real conversations from being had. She brought a very rude group who automatically placed everyone on high alert. She falsely accused Hollingsworth of skipping the event when even the moderator stated he was never scheduled to be there because he was already committed in a different part of the district before the Farm Bureau event was planned. It was such a self centered showing, it even upset the local democrats because she showed no concern for what they had to say. When there is a limited time per candidate, out of respect for everyone, stick to your time. Don't overrun your time by more than double then have your people play "gotcha" by feeding a 6 year old little girl the questions. To me it was a shameless display that disrespected everyone who attended to learn about each candidate including her fellow democrats.

Below is a link of a website I follow. This site compiles different polls into one forecast. 

All things being considered, I predict Hollingsworth by 9-10 points.

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