Friday, July 27, 2018

Who Voted How? Detailed Map of 2016 Election

Very Telling Map of 2016

Everyone knows the pundits of the 2016 Election were caught off guard by the victory of now President Trump. The New York Times has now published an interactive map to show each precinct across the county and how they voted in the Presidential Election. 

It's no secret that urban areas went for Hillary, we know that the night of the election. What does that mean? Well, it would take a lot of study to come to the true answer to that question. I'll let you come up with your own conclusions.
(Click the picture to view the map)

The real question is, will the R's be able to hold this footprint in November or will the D's find a way to spread their blue over the region? 

To answer that, we will have to wait until November! In the mean time, I will be putting the SIOM predictions out soon. Stay Tuned!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Let's Talk About GCCS

2018 GCCS Board

I'll start with this:  In previous posts, I have been especially critical of the current Board president. I stand by that. I have also been critical of the Facebook page called Stop GCCS Wasteful Spending. I stand by that as well. I think things could and should have been handled differently in a lot of ways in previous scenarios.

Fast forward to today:  There seems to be A LOT of turmoil within the GCCS district. Between the constant ask for tax money, decline in enrollment, community moral, Dr. Melin's new contract, bus routes, and social media in-fighting; I have to wonder what is the honest state of the school district?

From the outside looking in, it looks like it's Board Member Katie Hutchinson Vs. the Board or the Board Vs. Board Member Katie Hutchinson.  But who is the bad guy? It all depends on what side you are on I guess. What I would like to know is what is REALLY going on?  

How far do the Board and Admin go before it becomes something that should take place in the public eye. From Hutchinson's point of view, most of what is going on is behind closed doors and is not in the best interest of the district. Maybe how the latest contract for Dr. Melin was handled proves that's true.

In the video below, you will hear some public comments being made. Then around the 9:05 mark, you will hear someone on the board whisper "Yeah right...".  

It is this type of attitude that is making me believe that everything that is being said by those opposing the GCCS Board is true.  Remarks and attitudes like this from elected figures towards concerns coming from taxpayers is harsh and undermines the integrity the position. 

Maybe that is the problem with what is going on within GCCS. Maybe empowered attitudes like this start with the leadership and infect those around them. Honestly, this type of attitude and comment is something I would expect from Board President Perkins. But in this case, it does not appear to come from her. In watching, the only person not looking at the speaker is Mrs. Kraft but honestly I can't tell who said it, only that it was one of the female board members. It makes me sick to my stomach. I also agree with the speaker comments within 13:25-14:25 time frame. 

In my opinion, with everything that has gone on over the last couple of years (very public battles for tax money as an example) it would have gone a long way for internal and external moral for Dr. Melin to decline the raise. Instead, offer to extend the contract for a year and pass the additional funding to the employees within the system. Just a thought. Maybe the Board NOT offer the raise but instead do the above idea themselves. Just a thought. 

It is time the Board do something, ANYTHING, that is a show of good faith for the employees, community, and taxpayers at large. There has been too much negative for too long to continue to be productive. When I take a step back and look at the big picture, all I see coming out of GCCS is negativity. I would love to see some consistent positivity.

One thing is for sure, there are a lot of social media calls for a change during the next election coming out of the Stop Wasteful Spending camp. Those calls seem to be spreading. Only time will tell if that call is from a small few or the masses. 

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Papa Johns: Blown Up or Blown Out

The Papa John's Pizza Implosion

So Papa said a bad word. When describing the way things used to be. A no-no word. A bad one, no doubt. But is what is happening hyper-crucifixion? Is it being hyper-offensive? Is it being hyper-politically correct? Or is it unequal application of outrage?

Agreed, he could have been a little bit more sensitive in how he address the "word" when comparing situations and times in history. Are we as a society going to hold countless Hip-Hop artists to the same standard? Nope. What about in Movies? Nope.
My point is this------> Papa John seems to have been baited into a conversation that appears to be the "GOTCHA!" moment of the year. 

I 99% agree with WDRB GM Bill Lamb in his resent point of view segment. I do not excuse the use of the word by Papa John, but the reaction to the situation is completely out of context in my opinion only because the same reaction has yet to be applied across the board to everyone. 

The 1% I don't agree with in the Point of View segment is Mr. Lamb saying "No Caucasian male should ever say that word..."  In my opinion, if people are going to be outraged to this extend in this or any context, then people need to be equally as outraged regardless of who says it. 

Just remember, as you boycott the local Papa John's Pizza store, you are boycotting franchise owners and people who work very hard to make a living. People who have nothing to do with "Papa" John Schnatter. Be careful placing your blame on the company instead of the person who it's named after. By the way, that person is no longer allowed in the building.

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