Monday, February 12, 2018

Clark County Candidate List for 2018

The Complete List of Candidates
for Clark County

There are some familiar names as well as some new ones. I commend all of you for throwing your hats into the ring even if we won't always agree. I'm looking forward to an exciting election season that I'm sure will be full of surprises. May the best candidate win! 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

UPDATED:::BREAKING: Indiana House Race Updates

Dr. Kevin Burke of Clark County Health Department fame has filed as a Republican to run against Jeffersonville City Councilman Matt Owen in the Republican primary in May.
It also appears the Dr. Rita Fleming will have a primary opponent in unknown newcomer Jason Schlatter. 

Rep. Karen Engleman (R) now has an opponent for the November General Election with performer and production company owner Sarah Stivers (D) officially filing to run. 

Received word this afternoon that Clark County Jail head of Maintenance Mike Bowling (R) has filed to run against longtime incumbent and House Minority Leader Terry Goodin (D). 
Rumor had it that Clark County Recorder Zach Payne is (was) going to file to run for this seat but as of today has not. Not sure if something has changed or if it has proven to just be rumor.
Assuming neither Bowling nor Goodin have Primary opponents, they will faceoff in the November General Election.

Primary season is heating up and with one more day until the filing deadline, who knows what other surprises await us!  

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